Become a Champion of Change through Monthly Giving

Do you want to make the biggest impact possible with your donations? Are you ready to join the ranks of our region’s most selfless superheroes? The best way for you to do it is through our monthly giving program – regular, recurring gifts that add up to major change in the community.

When you’re a part of this club, your generosity transforms into something amazing: enhanced local healthcare, a lasting impression on the causes that are most important to you, and ultimately, more hope for patients and their families. Even $10 a month is enough to make a difference. If just 1/10 of everyone in our service area gave that, that’s over $1.4 million in reliable donations every year!

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Benefits of Monthly Giving

Registering for the monthly giving program doesn’t just help the Health Foundation. It has plenty of additional benefits (like eliminating excess paper waste) and it directly helps donors like you! Here’s how:

i. Your information and preferences are already there every time you give
ii. More of your money goes straight to your chosen cause
iii. Those causes get longer, more consistent support, allowing you to see a lasting effect over time
iv. You can donate sustainably through the year without breaking your budget
v. You can be a part of an exclusive club of givers
vi. You can deduct all MHHF donations from your tax bill
vii. All donations go toward enhancing healthcare in the region, which is a big benefit for everyone who calls our corner of Alberta home!

When we work together, we can do amazing things for our community. Join us on our journey towards the best healthcare possible – become a monthly giver today!

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