Our community is full of stories – stories that connect us all together through pain, perseverance, hope, and healing. Here, you can read some of the most impactful stories of patients throughout our region, and how the MHHF made a difference in difficult times.

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The Unseen Battle

It’s no secret that healthcare professionals are called into this field of work because they are compassionate and want to help others, especially those in vulnerable situations. They dedicate their time and energy to providing the care necessary to help patients and their families feel safe, heard, and seen. While providing necessary care, it’s important […]
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In Memory of Our Friend Murray Green

As employees of the Health Foundation, we get to meet and know spectacular people in our community. Sometimes the hardest part of our job is losing a community member we have gotten to know and love. Such was the case with Murray Green. This wonderful soul was a loyal donor for local healthcare in our […]
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A Sensory Success

When you work in healthcare, you don’t always get to see the immediate results of the impact that you have made on someone’s life. When you do get the opportunity to receive the positive feedback, it is both heartwarming and motivating. Such was the case for Ariana Dirk who is an Occupational Therapist at MHRH. […]
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