There are a lot of ways to say Thank You

When you or your loved ones are in the hospital or not feeling well, it’s never easy – but it is often made easier through the everyday, exceptional efforts of our healthcare professionals. We often hear stories from patients and their families about doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals who have gone above and beyond their duties to deliver hope and kindness when people need it most. Recognizing those efforts is what the Grateful Patient & Family Program is all about.

Donate as a Grateful Patient

"Everyone from the nurses, to the lady that took my blood, to the housekeeping staff – everyone was so nice. We are lucky to have such caring people in our very own hospital."

Robert Strachan, 4W Patient

Doing More With Your Donations

By showing your appreciation through the Grateful Patient & Family Program, every cent of your donation goes where it is needed most – and the health care professional of your choice is still recognized for their dedication. Your gracious donation ensures tomorrow’s patients get the same level of care and compassion, and that together, we can change lives for the better.

Why Donate as a Grateful Patient?

  • Inspire the doctors, nurses, and other staff
    with stories of their personal impact.
  • Help the hospital get lifesaving equipment
    and technologies.
  • Support the health of your community.
  • Ensure a more comfortable experience for
    patients in the future.
  • Support health care staff as they learn new
    skills and treatments.
  • Support programs that encourage and
    educate the community on better health