Medicine Hat Regional Hospital has a new wheelchair system thanks to donation dollars

If you have visited the hospital for any reason over the last week, you may have noticed the new, innovative transport chairs, either in their corrals or being pushed throughout the building. The “Staxi System” is a welcome addition to the hospital as they are very maneuverable, have a never-fail braking system, and are easy for patients to enter and exit as the armrests move up and down. The new chairs are stackable and take up much less space, reducing the crowding in common areas.

Terri Labine (pictured) was one of the first patients to utilize the new chairs prior to her hip replacement surgery on June 30th. She reported that the chair provided a comfortable ride. Her husband said it was a great asset with the ease of helping Terri move from the car into the chair. He was very impressed by how easy it was to steer and brake. Terri echoes her husband’s sentiments, and those expressed by other patients having hip and knee surgery, regarding the chair’s ease of use.

This investment was made possible thanks to donations made to the Medicine Hat & District Health Foundation (MHDHF). Both site management and the Foundation Board are pleased that such enhancements could be brought to Medicine Hat in our acute care setting. The MHDHF would like to thank their donors for their ongoing support for this project.

The Medicine Hat & District Health Foundation is proud to say that 100% of the funds raised go back into local healthcare initiatives, improving the quality of healthcare at our hospital – and ultimately, in our community.