Regional Health Authorities Act

We were incorporated under this act

Regional Health Authorities Act Foundations Regulation AR 28 2007


Foundation Bylaws – AHS Approved Nov 2008

Established Foundations Bylaws Draft 2021

 Board of Directors

I.2018.001 Board Responsibilities

I.2018.002 Position Description – Board Chair

I.2018.003 Position Description – Past Chair

I.2018.004 Position Description – Vice Chair

I.2019.005 Position Description – Board Treasurer

I.2020.006 Standing Committees

I.2018.007 Structure for Board Agenda

I.2019.11 Board Member Expense Reimbursement

I.2018.012 Code of Conduct


II.2019.001 Development Committee – Terms of Reference

II.2019.002 Executive Committee – Terms of Reference

II.2019.003 Finance Committee – Terms of Reference

II.2019.004 Governance Committee – Terms of Reference

Ethics and Accountability

III.2019.00 Cash Handling Policy

III.2019.001 Confidentiality Policy

III.2019.002 Agreement of Confidentiality

III.2019.003 Conflict of Interest Policy

III.2019.004 Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement

Human Resources

IV.2019.001 Expense Reimbursement Policy

IV.2019.002 Harassment Policy

IV.2019.003 Alcohol, Marijuana & Drugs Policy

IV.2019.004 Work From Home Policy


III.2020.BBBB Financial Policy


The Medicine Hat Health Foundation is committed to maintaining a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion in our fundraising and related activities. In healthcare, excellence means everyone deserves the best care, regardless of their race, color, gender identity, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, physical ability, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, or criminal history. We embrace employees, volunteers, the community we serve, donors and supporters who help make this vision a reality.