Elaine’s Angel- A Grateful Patient Story

Elaine Freedman is truly a “grateful patient.” After her recent double mastectomy surgery, she recalls being in a very deep state or fog that she could not seem to awake from. She remembers this one particular nurse leaning over, very close to her face, talking to her. This nurse’s voice and the medication physically brought her back from what felt like “the edge.” This experience has left a lasting mark on Elaine and her journey.

Elaine is a locally renowned photographer and photo-based artist. About 10-years ago, she had taken a photo of The Moss Lady, a statue lying in the forest of Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, BC. Using her Photoshop skills, she overlaid the photograph with images of the four seasons, including winter in Police Point Park. She calls this piece her “Seasons Montage.”

While home recovering, this piece became a meaningful representation of how she felt in the recovery room following her surgery. Elaine wanted to gift it to the surgical department in honour of her ‘Angel Nurse,’ Bethany Podesta. With this in mind, she contacted the Health Foundation to facilitate the presentation of this beautiful piece for the recovery room.


On Elaine’s behalf, the Health Foundation presented the artwork to Bethany and let her know how grateful Elaine was for her care. The whole department, especially Bethany, were touched by her gesture of gratitude. By hanging Elaine’s artwork in the recovery room, it will be viewed and enjoyed by staff and patients for years to come!