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It’s no secret that COVID-19 has been a challenge for everyone across the world.

Though children, millennials and baby boomers are all mostly in the same boat, there’s one particular age group that’s found these past few months challenging than others.

Imagine what the past few months would have been like if you were uncomfortable with using Zoom or had no idea how to navigate social media to stay in touch with family and friends.

Many seniors have little-to-no access to computers and the same online tools that keep most people connected.

Laverne Noble recently spoke to MHDHF about her experience as an 83-year-old dealing with the increase in digital demand as an outlet for creating connection.

As a retired teacher, Laverne feels like she has some computer skills that have helped her to stay in touch with loved ones, she’s even found BBO — Bridge Base Online that gives her the opportunity to continue playing bridge without feeling isolated.

Though she’s benefited greatly by staying in touch with family and friends through Zoom, Noble still feels a great deal of sadness knowing that many of her peers are missing out.

Her goal is to tap into her teaching background to help other seniors from feeling isolated by sharing her online skills with them.

By teaching them how to use Zoom and find online communities, like she has, Laverne knows that she can make a difference in her community when they need it the most.

Now it’s your turn Medicine Hat…

How can you help Laverne teach more seniors to use computers and online tools to connect with their family and friends?

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