Plainsman Clay Gives Back to ICU

Thanks to Plainsman Clays, the staff of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and respiratory care each have a locally sourced personal handcrafted mug and message.

Tony Hansen, Master Potter at Plainsman Clays in Medicine Hat, was personally touched by Covid-19 when his sister-in-law and her husband ended up in ICU at the same time. One was in ICU for ten days (seven of those on a ventilator), and one for a week. This couple and their family were shocked at the extent of their illness and lack of ability to fight it off without the huge support of the incredible ICU team. Luckily both are now home and recuperating but have some long term health concerns to continue to recover from. We wish them, and all Covid-19 long-haulers, the very best.

Tony wanted to express his appreciation the best way he knew how – with personalized pottery made with the clay from the earth around Medicine Hat and locally sourced clay. Plainsman Clays products are shipped worldwide.

In each mug was the following note:

We have all become profoundly aware of how important you are to the community.
We can only imagine the trauma Covid has put you through and while having to endure people
questioning your motives and expertise. How you saved our gravely ill family members!
Your selfless example is a pattern for all of us to put public health ahead of our own rights.
Use this mug. If you break it, come and get a new one! Each time you take a drink, remember how
much we admire and respect you. Remember how important you are.
Also, please do not lose your passion for healing and caring.

The ICU and respiratory departments at the Medicine Hat Regional Hospital have been showered with gift cards, snacks, posters and cards from the community in the last two months. The manager (Cathy) said of all the love and support they have gotten, these mugs have been the most meaningful. “As a matter of fact there was not a dry eye to be found,” she said. “Staff could not believe that someone would go through all that trouble for them. It was such a thoughtful and lovely gesture.”